The annual mini trade show hosted by the School of Computing and Information Technology will be held on Tuesday 28 May from 2 pm in building 6, SMART Foyer, Wollongong campus.

This event shines a spotlight on the software development work of final-year Computer Science and Information Technology project students. It provides students with practical experience in complete systems development. The projects connect groups of students with supervisors and clients who are facing an ICT-based problem for which the students are required to find innovative and creative solutions.

Showcasing innovation potential

This year we have 14 project groups. Further details about each of the projects along with a short video can be viewed below.

Secure Assist 

The current process for tracking the legal and medical chain of custody for biological samples uses the archaic art of pen and paper. Electronic solutions are considered too complicated and expensive to develop and maintain. Our app aims to make paper chains of custody obsolete. We seamlessly integrate with Sample Assist's existing platform, offering real-time tracking and auditing of biological samples (and beyond) that can be used anytime, anywhere. This isn't just an upgrade, it's a revolution in digital custody management, setting a new global standard for secure sample transportation. We leverage existing technologies to empower a future-proof solution. 




Team Members
Darcy Cullen
Celine Husen
Thomas Karbowiak
Jake Mccoy

Heath Cooper Sample Assist

SCSG Awareness App

The SCSG Awareness App is designed to raise cancer awareness and encourage 
screenings among the public. It offers various features to achieve this goal. Users can engage with survey questions that assess their risk factors to cancer. The app provides informative pages that educate users about different types of cancer, prevention methods. One of the key functionalities of the app is the ability to book cancer screenings, making it convenient for users to take proactive steps towards their health. The SCSG Awareness App combines education, engagement, and practical tools to empower individuals in the fight against cancer.

Team Members
Dang Dat Tran
Kenan Yilmaz
Aedrina Binte Muhammad Sarmidi
Mobeen-Ur-Rahman Khan
Christopher Le

Khin Tan Win

Client / Sponsor
Sister Cancer Support Group


Rockland: Discover earthly marvels at your fingertips!

Rockland is the only one-stop shop app for all rock enthusiasts around!
- Locate rock locations with a simple click!
- Have a pocket geologist and identify minerals using AI!
- Store them all in your digital gallery to add to your personal collection!
- Make a real difference in geology research just by using the app!




Team Members
Mitchell Griffiths
Karel Bondan Andoro Herdito
David O'Brien
Fadhlan Muhammad Razan
Nathanael Setiawan

Nan Li

Mental Health App 

This project involves the development of a full-stack application. Mental Solutions is a mental health app that provides information and tools to allow its users to learn more about various mental health topics and illnesses. The application contains various tools to help track their status and progress in regards to their health to combat the increasing threat of mental illnesses.




Team Members
Jared Juangco
Joanna Alhalabi
Nabil Azfar Bin Azman Shah
Victor Low
Jacob Yu

Khin Than Win

Yonas Guracho

Crop  Vision 

Our project aims to enhance Australian agriculture by detecting weeds via drone imagery using state-of-the-art AI technology. Moreover, users can use our product from mobile and web application, to upload images and videos to view the prediction result. By harnessing the power of AI technology, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable agricultural advancements, food security and improve farm productivity.




Team Members
Zay Ye Htut
Nway Oo Khine
Nyan Swan Aung

Thanh Le Hoang South32

Liverpool City Council Data Analytics Dashboard

The project objective is to develop a data analytics dashboard that will provide a central source of the Liverpool population and demographic data which would allow the Liverpool Council to make better decisions. The data is stored on the OpenDataSoft platform and is visualized using their APIs. 

The goal is to create a data analytics dashboard that fetches data from multiple dispersed sources and combines census data to provide insightful infographics and other data visualisations. 



Team Members
Maanit Chovatiya
Deshang Gurung
Munir Mohammed
Maaz Mohammed Maaz Shaikh
Reyon Noronha

Mimi Curran


EcoSentry is an initiative focusing on pollution monitoring and data sharing for environmental awareness. By developing a network infrastructure and central control server software, we enable real-time data collection and analysis. Our collaborative ecosystem fosters communication and sharing among users, while robust security measures safeguard data integrity. Through a user-friendly interface and clear documentation, we prioritise accessibility and usability. Our goal is to provide researchers and enthusiasts with raw environmental data for analysis and
decision-making, promoting a greener and healthier planet. Join us in democratising environmental monitoring and fostering global collaboration for a sustainable future




Team Members
Jey Cheen Jena Neo
Byron Banzhaf
Savannah Fox
Eddie Mehrez
Esteban Rodriquez Ognjanov
Nicholas Toole

John Le

Influencer Tube 

We all know in recent years, how popular marketing via social media platforms has 
become. One of the most popular tool of marketing now is by the help of influencers! Our project Influencer Tube is here to make this process much more easier for businesses. Influencer Tube is a web application designed to find the best influencer for businesses that match their requirements. Our web application will provide a personalized recommendation of influencers to the business completely based on their needs. Moreover, it consists many more impressive features like allowing clients to personally message the influencer, view fan statistics of influencers, personalized filter option and many more! Our core purpose is to help businesses to find their best match in the most efficient way!




Team Members
Samah Hoque
Chenxi Bai
Dongrui Wu
Zhengfang Kong
Md Mushfiqur Rahman Tanzim
Pengrui Wang

Shixun Huang

Figtree FC

For this project we will be scraping data from a football management system known as Dribl. We will be integrating this data into Majestri to display and autonomously filter the home team fixtures that will be available on a webpage. This will also be displayed on the home field during game days.

Team Members
Abbas Gandhi
Jai Henson
Robert MacDonald
Nathalie Reyes Aguirre
Jalieca Culhane

Jack Yang

Stu Tyrell Figtree FC


Recovery Camp Web Application 

The project for developing the Recovery Camp Application is about changing how customers interact by building an interactive website application. This all-in-one platform aims to improve communication, automate the process of joining for new users, and create a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customers to communicate with staff from Recovery Camp. 

Team Members
Ahmed Ali
Toranosuke Iwata
Ryder Osborn
Harsh Vijay
Lei Xie

Jack Yang

Christopher Patterson Recovery Camp Pty Ltd

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a comprehensive app dedicated to supporting the
emotional well-being of cancer patients. Utilising trusted resources from Cancer
Council, we aim to empower users to monitor their emotional and physical
wellbeing as well other features to help them in their day to day life like setting
medication reminders, and engaging in therapeutic journaling. By recognising the
significance and importance of physical exercise and timely meditation, the app
integrates these practices into its support framework. Hand in Hand serves as a
repository for frequently asked questions, Cancer Council PDF materials and
trusted support contacts. With a user-friendly interface and trusted resources,
Hand in Hand will be a reliable companion for cancer patients in their journey
towards emotional resilience and their emotional and physical well-being.



Team Members
Ash Flowers-Palad
Jessay George
Josia George
Alexander Giannetta
Harsh Malik
Matthew Tonien

Khin Than Win

Travel As You Want

Discover limitless travel possibilities with Travel As You Want! Our web service is designed to provide efficient & innovative travel to our users in Illawarra. It seamlessly blends a sleek design with usability while also offering our users personalised travel based on their location. Whether you're embarking on a business trip, seeking entertainment, or connecting for social reasons,
this is your ultimate destination. With an extensive selection of transportation modes, we cater to your every type of journey preference. Our cutting-edge features empower you to monitor traffic conditions along your intended route effortlessly. Experience travel reimagined with Travel As You Want – where convenience meets customization at every turn.




Team Members
Quang Minh Nguyen
Mohd Akif
Bang Luong Hoa
Lachlan Phillips
Jaehan Park 

Hui Luo

Liverpool App

A cutting-edge customer service application built for the needs of Liverpool City 
Council. Using multilingual features to empower residents with seamless 
reporting capabilities, streamlined access to bin collection dates, and 
comprehensive listings detailing what events are on near you. From reporting 
issues to discovering local events and forums, our app enhances community 
connectivity while optimising Liverpool city council operations, reducing 
customer service calls.




Team Members
Joel Licastro
Dilara Ajaj
Anthony Boustany
Pradyum Gupta
Junyo Huang
Ashur Yousif 

Sponsor/ Client
Liverpool City Council


This project aims to improve the Illawarra’s toolkit to manage weed threats. It analyses drone's flight data and video recordings post flight, returning statistics and mapping of where weed threats were identified. The target weed of this project is Mysore Thorn (Biancaea decapetala), a weed species declared a threat to the Australian environment in New South Wales. A computer vision model has been trained to detect this weed.

Drones can be used for reconnaissance in thick brush, where walking is not permissive. This software presents the user a map of where weeds were spotted during their flight so they don't need to manually track where they saw the weed. This allows the biosecurity personal to return to the weed's location to control it.




Team Members
John Finlayson

Sponsor/ Client
Thahn Le Hoang