Our November 2022 Graduation Ceremonies are almost here

The Mace Bearer plays an important role in the Graduation ceremonies, effectively being the chaperone to the Presiding Officer (typically the Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor). The Mace Bearer carries the University’s Mace (5kg) accompanying the Presiding Officer in the Academic Procession and placing the Mace on stage in the Sports Hub.

Please register your interest for the role of the Mace Bearer at the November 2022 Graduation Ceremonies.


Degrees in Ceremony


Business and Law Ceremony (BAL)

All BAL Degrees

1 November 2022

Engineering and Information Sciences Ceremony (EIS)

All EIS Degrees

1 November 2022

Science, Medicine and Health Ceremony (SMAH) 

All SMAH Degrees

2 November 2022

The Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (ASSH)

All ASSH Degrees

3 November 2022