Economics is everywhere, but what can we really learn from economists?

Join Chief Economist at The Australia Institute and high profile media commentator Richard Denniss as he discusses “econobabble”, the upcoming election, climate change and the largest irrigated crop in the United States (and any other topic you might like to throw at him).    

When:  Monday 11th April

Time: 5.00pm

Location:  Building 40, Room 122

If you wish to join online once registered you will receive a link for a Zoom Webinar or you can join here. 

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Dr Richard Dennis Biography

Chief economist and former Executive Director of the Australia Institute, Dr Richard Denniss is a prominent Australian economist, author and public policy commentator, and has spent the last twenty years moving between policy-focused roles in academia, federal politics and think-tanks.

He was also a Lecturer in Economics at the university of Newcastle and former Associate Professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU. He is a regular contributor to The Monthly and the author of several books including: Econobabble, Curing Affluenza and Dead Right: How Neoliberalism Ate Itself and What Comes Next?